Lunch in covent garden

Last week I went for lunch in a very rainy covent garden with my friend Andrew. We wondered around and stumbled upon this great little cafe Fernandez and Wells. It's inspired by farmers markets so all their food is ethically sourced from England and is the best quality. The one we went to was a deli and wine bar, so we thought it only appropriate to have champaign! 

The meet hanging in the windows and the wood bar made it look really cool, and feel so wholesome. 

We went for the rackette and churitzo with eggs. All the bread is delicious sourdough. 

Yummy! But I've never been a big fan or gherkins. 

Then we went for a cheeky snog ;) 

Fat free and so many options! 

Nom nom nom! 

Great way to hide from the rain. Now we just want the sun to come out for summer!! 


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