Hermes at the Saatchi gallery

Over the bank holiday Hermes had an exhibition at the Saatchi on the process of making some of their products. Ishbell and I thought it would be the perfect thing to do on a rainy Friday afternoon. 

The Saatchi gallery is great, it's in a lovely square just of the kings road in Chelsea and has a restaurant that sells delicious food and over looks the green. Making it the perfect escape from the drizzly English summer. 

The Hermes event; Festival des Metiers (or as google translate tells me Festival of crafts) is touring the globe in honour of the houses 175th anniversary. It demonstrates the detailed and highly skilled processes that go into every one of their products. 

They explained the pain staking process of making a single watch and the years of  practice it takes to perfect it. 

One woman was making a diamond bracelet with diamond pyramids, it takes 3 days to make single pyramid. 3 days!!! 


Of course everything was beautiful, and made me want to immediately withdraw my life savings to buy it all! 

Ish and I loved the scarves in particular. The prints are amazing, and seeing  how they're made makes it even more impressive. 

We were in fashion heaven! 

We were just sad we couldn't take them all home with us! 


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