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Road music

I love music and I love traveling.

However in traveling there is often lots of time to fill, on buses, plans, waiting in airports and train stations. Time that is so often wasted. In an attempt to keep myself active/ward off boredom I try to use this to discover lots of wonderful new music!

So here's what I have been listening to recently, a little road music:

I have been a Nick Mulvey fan for a little while and his new single 'we are never apart' is excellent. If you like this one check out his album First Mind.

Something else nice and chilled, Rhys Lewis has recently released 'be your man'

A little more upbeat Will Joseph Cook's 'treat me like a lover' will keep you bouncing along

My current favorite album comes from Dan Croll, his second album Emerging Adulthood. Not only because I love the name. A little bit indie, a little bit folk-y, a little bit pop-y but a lot fantastic.

One song that I have been a bit mad about for awhile is Dosas & Mimo…

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