So I have decided to start a blog!

I moved to London just over 6 months ago and people keep asking me what I'm up to, so I decided a blog is the best way to let everyone know what life in London is like. 

I figured the best way to start would be with one of my favorite places; Kua'aina. 

This place is a Hawaiian themed burger bar just off Carnaby Street. They do amazing burgers and is the best way to escape this miserable weather by pretending we're in Hawaii!

I went with my mum and brother, as they were down for the weekend, and they very much approved. We spent the whole time dreaming of being on a sunny beach rather than snowy London.

My brother order a huge cheese, bacon and avocado burger that he couldn't quite fit into his mouth.

Although I'm not sure the picture quite does it justice.

I had a bunless burger with Haloumi as I've given up bread for lent (only a week to go!)

And mum had a chicken and cheese sandwich.

The food was delicious, and would make the ultimate hangover cure. Possibly one of the best burgers I've had so far in London, which is a big claim. They were made even better with the amazing sweet potato fries, which were perfectly crispy and were devoured faster than any normal chips.

The Hawaiian atmosphere was the best way to escape the gloomy London spring weather, the decor was so  cute it makes you forget all about the freezing cold outside, and there is a great choice of burgers, sandwiches, salads and even breakfast things to suit all tastes.

It was a lovely lunch enjoyed by all, and was very reasonable for how yummy it was and the location! Will defiantly be heading back there to cure a hangover or two. Although it may not be such a good idea when considering the beach bod........


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