Road music

 I love music and I love traveling.

However in traveling there is often lots of time to fill, on buses, plans, waiting in airports and train stations. Time that is so often wasted. In an attempt to keep myself active/ward off boredom I try to use this to discover lots of wonderful new music!

So here's what I have been listening to recently, a little road music:

I have been a Nick Mulvey fan for a little while and his new single 'we are never apart' is excellent. If you like this one check out his album First Mind.

Something else nice and chilled, Rhys Lewis has recently released 'be your man'

A little more upbeat Will Joseph Cook's 'treat me like a lover' will keep you bouncing along

My current favorite album comes from Dan Croll, his second album Emerging Adulthood. Not only because I love the name. A little bit indie, a little bit folk-y, a little bit pop-y but a lot fantastic.

One song that I have been a bit mad about for awhile is Dosas & Mimosas by Cherub. A perfect song for drinking before a night out, or having a couple of road beers on a train. (Not that I am encouraging anyone to play music in public, that is never acceptable).

Whilst music is great I am also a big fan of Podcasts. Downloading hours of expertly made content to enrich your mind is incredibly rewarding and can help the hours drift by. Listening to someones soothing voice discuss everything from comedy, to climate change. Personally I have a rather eclectic mix of preferred Podcasts, that just keeps the brain more engaged right?

Some of my current Podcasts, in no particular order:

The Infinite Monkey Cage. Brain Cox, Robin Ince and a whole host of comedians discuss physics in a very approachable yet profound way.

The High Low. Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes (two fantastic writers) cover the whole zeitgeist, from high to low brow topics in an insightful and light hearted hour.

The Guilty Feminist. Hosted by Deborah Frances-White and a panel of other comedians they discuss modern feminism and how life can often undermine our feminism. 

Fresh Air. Originally an NPR radio show, they cover a whole range of topics, from interviews with Al Gore on climate change, a heartbreaking account from Ariel Levy on loosing her son, and a very insightful look at the American health care system. 

All are available on iTunes. 

There are tones more, that I will go into next time. But that should keep you going for now. 



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