Here there be dragons

part 2.

Life on board continued. By day 3 the constant swimming and lack of fresh water shower was starting to take its toll on our hair.

I was hoping the sea and fresh air would help me look more like this: 

however, I ended up more like this: 

luckily there were no mirrors on board. 

Once we stopped being so vain we got on with it. 

The next stop was hiking on a remote island. 

Sailing around hardly seeing another boat through the most amazing landscape. 

We arrived at our island for hiking. Again diving into the water and swimming ashore. Full Robinson Crusoe. 

Hiking up to the highest point on the island in 33 degrees was very tough. But we were rewarded with a stunning view. 

Clare and I looking out to sea to avoid our sweaty faces. 

That afternoon we sailed to Manta point where we saw Manta Rays 3 meters wide, snorkelling next to them gave me new empathy for Marlin in Finding Nemo. 

That night was our last night on the boat, so we had a bit of a party. Buying beer from Indonesian locals. (for about 50p each!). The South Americans blasted Despacito on repeat. If anyone ever doubts my lyrics to that song it is them who is wrong, not me. ....That is how we do it down in Puerto Rico...

On to the final day ............ Komodo Island

Again my expectations might have been a little out.

Apparently they aren't great pets. 

Approaching the island was a bit like arriving at Jurassic Park

And seeing the display of animals they have killed did not fill us with confidence. Although didn't stop us messing around. 


We finally found the dragons, but made sure to keep our distance. 

Clare was incredibly brave and got up close for a photo

They can sprint up to 20 mph, I was not getting any closer. 

After (very carefully) admiring the dragons some more we got back on the boat and went to our final spot Labuhanbajo. 

SOOOO happy to be back on dry land. 

The crew (after we each took a VERY long shower) had a huge final meal together before setting off on our different ways the following day. 

An amazing adventure! 

If you want to undertake your own sailing dragon experience here are a couple of tips:
  • bring snacks, the food is delicious, but can sometimes be a bit lacking
  • baby wipes! the most important thing. 4 days without a shower, even with constant swimming in the sea leaves you feeling very salty and not very clean. 
  • lots and lots of suncream
  • the very basics in clothing, everything ends up wet and a bit damp. We left our big backpacks at the hostel on Lombok and only took small backpacks with our essentials for the 4 days, the flight back can be a bit funny about checking in luggage as well. Getting back to Lombok and putting on clean clothes was like being re-born. 
  • don't rely on your phone for photos. There were charging plugs on our boat but they were in short supply. Photos don't do most of the journey justice anyway. 
  • our boat was one of the cheapest we could find, there are lots of options so if you can spend a bit more money there are some very nice options
  • keep an open mind! for us the trip was all about the other people there. Everyone was so lovely which made it even more amazing


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