Ze Germans are coming

When looking for a late night feast in Central London we are spoiled for choice. 

One Friday night after a few too many cocktails and theatre wine my brother and I went in search for a carbie snack. 

What we found was infantly better than the usual Mc Donald's grease or chicken shop nuggets. 

Greeted by a friendly sausage with a tash we stumbled into Herman Ze German by embankment.  



We were generously rewarded with not only a hilarious name to say but some delicious sausage. So many opportunities for a good pun. 


Just to make things a bit easier for those of us who have perhaps consumed a little too much wine there are very few options, but they are all you need. 

We somehow still managed to grossly over-order. 


I went for a spicy sausage with fried crispy onions, with what was advertised as a 'side' of chips topped with curry sauce, mayo and more crispy onions. Fraser had the traditional bratwurst and chips.



Somewhere between a meet feast and carb loading. The best of both. Either way unbelievably filling. 

Obviously we got stuck straight in. 



Looking a bit intimidated by the amount of food. 



One hand for chips, one for the hotdog. Keeping it classy. 

All that for under a tender each, including the Gemany version of coke. Worth it for the classic tunes and attempting to say everything wiv ve German accent alone. 

Although poltentially not great for our fellow passengers on the tube home after all that curry sauce. 

Once we finished the food coma well and truly set in, we headed home for some serious sleep. I'm defiantly in debt to Ze German for my lack of hangover the next day. 

It's no secret. I love a bit of sausage.  



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