Urban golf

Earlier this week I had a very interesting conversation with my friend Claire. That went something like this: 

Claire: what are you doing this weekend? 

Me: not sure yet, what do you have in mind? 

Claire: want to go to Swingers? 

Me: Do I want to go swinging? 

Claire: yeah, it's in Shoreditch. 

Me: ummmm, I'm not really sure it's my kind if thing. 

Claire: noooooo silly, it's mini golf!  

It turns out some very cleaver chaps have set up a mini golf course in Shoreditch, and aptly named it Swingers. Just to make it fun when you tell people what you are up to on Saturday night.....'I'm going to Swingers, what are you doing?'  

It's in a warehouse. Obvs. 

Because this is the latest and greatest alternitive night out it's booked up until the end of time (I.e. The end if January when it closes). But for those who like drinking (like us) you can just rock up on the night and head to the bar until a space becomes free. Ideal. 

So with a small group of ladies we headed down to get in the swing of it! 

Luckily we went quite early on a Saturday evening so we didn't have to wait too long to get on the course. Not that this would have been an issue, the whole place is decorated to look like a 1920's club house with a modern twist, think 20's decor with bright multi-coloured lights and 90's music. A great place to chill and admire the golfing tallant. Of which there was plenty. 

Patty and Bun and Pizza Pilgrims are also providing the food, so there is no chance of you going hungry. 


We grabbed the brightest clubs we could find and hit the course. 


Claire really got into it. 

Turns our we are not exactly ready for The Open. Thank God you can take your drinks onto the course. 

Especially for the more advanced holes, where a little tuition was required.... 


Luckily golf-pro Sam was on hand to offer some advice. 


Or just Dutch courage. 


Since it was so busy there was lots of time for posing between holes. 




And admiring the water features. 


By the 8th hole we had lost interest in the golf and were much more interested in the wine and dancing to retro beats. Sadly this resulted in a, unnamed person's - *cough* Beckie *cough* - golf club being confiscated for 'improper use'. Harsh. 

We managed to get it back for one last photo though. 


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