Battle of the buns

It seems like every week there is somewhere new in London popping up claiming to have 'the best burger in London!'. Its impossible to keep up with all the ways to spell burger (brgr, burgr, patty etc) let alone the best place to get a burger in a brioche bun. 

So in the name of research and blogging I not so reluctantly tried two of the biggest contenders: Patty and Bun, and Dirty Burger. 

Let the battle commence. 

Sophie and I ventured to Patty and Bun ( in its pop-up location just behind Selfridges. Sadly the pop-up bubble has burst so if you would like to visit for yourself they currently have a location near Liverpool Street and are serving burgers to hungry golfers at Swingers in Shoredtich. 

The pop-up was very cool, obviously temporary is key and it did look like someone could move the whole thing overnight to any location. But in a cool arty way. Think funny burger related doodles on cardboard signs. And bare wooden tables. 


But more importantly the food! 

Not somewhere to take a vegetarian. Although there was a mushroom burger option. The meet was too good to pass up. 

We got serious food envy waiting for our food as we could see our neighbours enjoying theirs. 

So far so hungry. 

I'm not sure the picture does it justice, it looks a bit small in my giant hands. 

Mmmmmm greasy! 

The burgers are perfect. So juicy, so cheesy, and the buns so soft and sweet. We both went for the Ari Gold cheese burger, which means.....LOTS OF CHEESE! With extra bacon. Obvs. 

The chips were little fingers of salty, potatoy deliciousness. Just crispy enough. 

One very happy blond. 

So onto...... Dirty Burger 

To give my digestive system a rest and allow time to burn off that meal round two was a little while later. With my darling brother! 

Fraser and I happened to be in north London one Saturday afternoon, and when we got hungry decided it was the perfect opportunity to try Soho House's latest venture: Dirty Burger. 

So off to Kentish Town we went. 

After a lot of wondering up and down outside Chicken Shop we realised it was actually hidden behind it in a shed in the car park. Ummm ok. 

Literally a shed. 


There is one giant communal table in the middle, so we got to eat with this lovely family. Lucky them. 

We ventured up to the kitchen to order, and managed to resist the doughnuts. 

We got Dirty Bacon burgers with crinkly fries. Yummy. 

Nom nom nom 

Fraser was very happy. 

The burgers again were unbelievable. So amazing. But the chips were also incredible. And the whole tin shed thing was very cool. 

So which was better I hear you ask......

Drum roll please.......

Dirty a slice of American cheese.


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