Aye aye Captain

I have seen enough super hero movies to know that when the phone rings you answer it. Especially when it is the lovely people at Disney inviting myself and a friend to the Captain America premier at Westfield. 

I then obviously spent the entire afternoon in a mad panic about what I was going to wear to meet my future husband, Chis Evans, and to outshine the beautiful Scarlett. After a very grounding chat with some people who had been to these things before I quickly realised that not only would I not get to meet them but I would only be admiring them from afar. 

Anyway. With hopes of finding out future spouses dashed Steph and I stepped out onto the blue carpet. 

The big shots were on stage being interviewed about the film. We did walk past them as they were signing autographs for all the screaming teenage girls, but we swiftly got ushered along if we stopped for a quick look. 

It was quite fun being greeting by a crowd of screaming fans though. 

And of course the paperatzi. 

We soon made our way through the labyrinth of fans and into the cinema to take our seats, (grab some wine) and watch the film of the moment. 

To be honest Captain America isn't something I would normally go and see. But an introduction from the main characters themselves really pulled me round. 

The film isn't going to win any oscars and has endless opportunity for Team America jokes but is entertaining none the less. And I won't hold the lack of Robert Downy Jr against them. Some of it did get a little ridiculous, but then it is a super hero film so a little bit of absurdity is expected, and makes it way more fun. As I've not seen the first one so I'm not sure when it was supposed to be be set, I'm assuming some time in the future given all the high tech gadgets they were cracking out in every scene. 
Scarlett Johansson was looking incredible in her catsuit, she is now my new gym insperation. 
It was a very enjoyable film and we were both  pleasantly surprised by it. Defiantly one I would recommend to get your geek fix. 

Any night with celebrity spotting, a movie and wine is a great one by my standards, especially on a Thursday. Thank you Disney!! 


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