Tinder troll

Thanks to the hilarious blog How To Loose A Guy In One Tinder trolling Tinder is my new hobby. When bored at work the best cure is to crank that distance radious to one mile and creep some city boys out. It's great fun, I highly recommend it. 

For those who have been living under a rock Tinder is an online dating app where you see a couple of pictures of single people in your area. It's linked to Facebook so you can also see mutual friends and interests. Genius! 

To get you in the spirit I've screen shotted a couple of my chats, but you should definatley check out the pro on her blog. 

This just goes to show how far a guy will go for a date (or something more). 

Tinderella? Ummmm no. 

I don't have cats. 

Unsurprisingly he wasn't into the clingy girl thing. 

At least Mickey gave a bit of chat back. 

But the biggest creep award of the day goes to Jordan. The hard boi mail boi. 

Jordan then proceeded to send me this 'sexy' picture of himself IN THE DISABLED LOO OF HIS OFFICE! 

I've checked my diary and I'm not free. Ever. 


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