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Dry January day 16.

This no drinking thing is sending me a little loopy. Its not that I need alcohol or anything......right?......its just that I am running out of fun sober things to do. There are only so many nights a girl can stay in playing Cards Against Humanity (although if you haven't played it I would highly recommend it), and lets face it, most sober activities would be so much more fun after a drink or two. As much as I tell people that I don't mind being in the pub with my cranberry juice, which honestly I don't, its the time of night when everyone is a few drinks down, starting to talk a little louder, make a little less sense and get a bit rowdy that I start to mind. And don't even get me started on clubs sober. It does make you realize what grotty meat markets they are though. As much as I love my friends there is only so much of their drunken 'banter' I can handle, let alone any other random's. Especially those creepy guys with whom I would normally be forming some great bond over our mutual love of Jaeger, a drink I now find myself day dreaming about.

Enough of my whining. A beautiful silver lining of my new found sobriety is that I now have so much time on my hands! Time for old friends, new friends, time for cooking (shocking I know), time for shopping, time to catch up on Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black and Girls, but most importantly time for music!

So here are a couple of songs and artists I've recently discovered in all my spare time, some are old, some are new but all are pretty great (at least I think so).

The Preacher's - a very chilled 5-some from Oz, if you like Haim you'll love them. Good vibes all round, and ridiculously hipster dress code to match. For anyone in London they are playing at the Water Rat's on January 17th. Check out their biggest song Is This How You Feel:

Cyril Hahn - This guy is a remix legend, made famous thanks to Majestic Casual with his chilled remixes of Say My Name and Don't Save Me he is now setting out on his own with more chilled beats:

Lewis Watson - I'm not going to deny it, I love a boy with a guitar. There is something so tender about his music, his single Even If is amazing, but also check out his cover of Colorblind (that song from Cruel Intentions).

Matthew and the Atlas - A little Mumford, a little James Vincent McMorrow, but very chilled, if sometimes a little depressing. Another one for Londoners to catch live, they will be in town on the 3rd of February.

Mutual Benefit - Staying in a chilled mood Advanced Falconry is a beautiful song from Mutual Benefit, ideal for lazy Sunday's cuddling up inside away from the cold.

Tove Lo - I am obsessed with her right now. As a big fan of Lorde and the entire Pure Heroine album Tove Lo was always going to go down well with me. Their music is very similar, expect with her you get the smug 'oh you haven't heard of her? yeah she's a local Swedish girl, not very well known over here yet'. No. Big. Deal.

The Chainsmokers - a DJ duo from New York, they have a mixture of original beats and amazing party remixes of pop classics, from Icona Pop to The Wanted. Get these guys on your pre lash playlist to get pumped for heading out, or even on in the gym to keep you going.


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