New year new me?

Happy new year!!! 

I like to think of January as a new beginning, a new year where we can try and do things a little better than last year. Now I'm not sure how much I believe the 'new year, new me' philioshy, but anything that might give me the will power to work out more, eat better and try and be a better person in general I will fully get behind. 

To say good bye to 2013 some old friends got together whilst a certain set of parents were out of town and had a dinner party, which quickly descended into mayhem. 

It's always nice to catch up with my school and university friends, but when a few of us get together we tend to revert back to those underage/fresher days; drinking too much, ring of fire and generally being massive messes. 

Getting in the bath with Katie was a particular highlight. 

Kit (the blonde one) put on some of my dresses, Matt passed out before the bells had even rung and A LOT of drunken reminiscing was done. 

To repent our sins we went for a New Year's Day walk around the local Loch. Sadly the minuet we got just a bit too far from the house the heavens opened and it started to piss it down. Being hardy Scott's we decided to endeavor and walk through the rain thinking it had to stop soon. Oh how we underestimated the British weather. 

After what can only be described as an eventful 24 hours we all decided to make some achievable (vague) resolutions in the true January style. 

So here are a couple of mine:
🔹 be less of a mess and stop drunkenly loosing things. 
Last year I went through 4 phones, one mulberry purse, a Ted baker coat and my dignity many times over. (If anyone finds any of the above please get in touch, especially the dignity). 

🔹give back. 
I'm not heavily involved with any charities and haven't done a great deal in the past so this is something I'd like to get involved with this year. 

🔹dry January. 
Now I know this isn't actually a resolution but my body definitely needs some kind of rest and think this will be a good way to kick start the first one. For some reason every time I tell anyone I'm doing it they laugh, no idea why.....

Wish me luck! 

Happy new year everyone :)  


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