A very dry January

We've made it past the day most likely to crack (10 th of January)!! I'm not going to deny that Saturday night was a struggle, especially when we had a certain someone whispering 'just smell the red wine' every ten minuets *cough* James *cough*. But we stayed strong and woke up Sunday morning feeling unnervingly fresh with a whole day of not having a hangover and a beautiful London winters day ahead of us. So we decided to do something a little sporty and a lot touristy. Partly because it's January and partly because none of us had been to a lot of the obvious London landmarks which is just getting a bit embarrassing. 

In true Londoner style we decided our adventure had to be embarked upon using everyone's favourite carbon free transport method....the Borris Bike! 

We picked them up at Parsons Green with remarks of 'get on yer bike' and headed at Battersey park. 

We carried on along Chelsea embankment, with only a few Made in Chelsea references, then on to Westminster. 

Through parliment square (a place I would not recommend on a bike) and up to St. Paul's cathedral, where much to my releaf we found a docking station. It's not that I don't like cycling, I am quite parshal to a day out on two wheels, but am not used to it in Central London where you not only have to know where you are going but also account for other traffic and pedestrians. Sorry again to that man I almost took out on Fleet Street. 

Anyway...we made it. That's the main thing. 

Once we'd refueled with a picnic on the steps it was off to climb the fire of London memorial. Luckily by the time we got there the sun was beginning to set do we got some amazing views over the city. 

That is, once we had climbed all 311 steps to get there. 

My legs are still sore. 

A great SOBER day out though! 


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