Time Out Take Over

As some of you may know I recently misplaced (read lost) my phone. Turns out iPhones aren't designed to handle the London lash, but then I'm not sure I am these days either. 

Sadly along with the iPhone all my recent pictures were lost too. Buuuttttt that just means I'll have to go out and do more for new posts! 

Luckily I did back it up just after I wrote an article for Time Out about the incredible Zombie Blitz event at Waterloo. 

Zombie Blitz is an immersion experience where you are thrown into the Blitz mid air raid, and when sheltering in the Waterloo tunnels zombies appear. I don't want to say too much incase any of you are planning on going. But the experience is truly terrifying and amazing. Especially as Halloween is coming up! 

My brother bravely volunteered to drag me through the zombie infested tunnels. The amazing experience was made even better by the lengths they go to in order to make you feel like you really are in war torn Britain. 

We got in the spirit with a quick history lesson and a spot of tea and homemade lemonade. 

Before being chased underground by zombies. 

This is not one for the faint hearted but was the perfect measure of terror and fun, plus all the adrenaline pumped running defiantly counts as a work out. 


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