Sadly the festival season has now come to a close. This was the first year I properly got into it, and we went all out. To close off the summer season we headed to SW4 in Clapham Common during the August bank holiday. SW4 is the ideal place to rave to your hearts content into the wee hours. The perfect way to finish off such an amazing summer. 

We donned our brightest gear to get ready to skank with all the other twenty something's you normally find stumbling along Clapham high street on a Saturday night. 

We spent the day ambling between stages as we didn't know a lot of the DJ's who were performing. I have been a fan of Boys Noize for a while so they were a particular highlight for me. Any excuse to rave in a tent with a great crowd is going to be a blast. 

On the way back to the main stage we headed to the fairground. 

Maybe not such a good idea after drinking so much. 

Luckily we got a great spot near the front of the main stage and even made some friends! 

Then what we had all been waiting for.....Example!!! 

He was SICK. Of all the festivals I've been to this year SW4 was the best, a bold statement I know. It was amazing. I recommend it for everyone; it has all the benefits of a festival with none of the camping and poor hygiene. Plus with the advantage of being just down the road from some of the biggest clubs in south London for an afterparty! 

Is it too soon to book next year? 


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