Fashion weekend

That's right it's once again the bi-annual event when beautiful people descend upon this beautiful week. 

Last week myself and everyone else who inhabits London was bombarded with photos of the fashion set who came to town. And one pretty face inparticular: Cara Delevingne. Cara Delevigne's street style, Cara Delevigne on the runway, Cara Delevigne partying with Rita Ora, Rhinanna, Calvin get the idea. 

After a long week at work which was only made longer by my growing jealousy due to the aforementioned mentioned coverage I got a very welcome call on Friday afternoon. Tickets to Vodafone's Fashionweekend!!!! I am a very lucky girl indeed. 

After every fashion week, once the pros depart for Mulian, the final show in the fashion callander, Summerset House invites us mere mortals into the fabulous courtyard for a glimps into the world of high fashion. 

And what a wonderful world it is. 

So many beautiful things. The jewelry was unbelievable, We could have spent all day just trying on rings and necklaces, before even getting to the clothes. 

One of the best parts of the day was just sitting at one of the pop-up caf├ęs and watching people walk by, seeing what everyone was wearing. The clothes on display were amazing, and the location was beautiful but my personal highlight of the day was the Canon exhibit. 

They had set up a room with cameras all around the edge that simultaneously took photos, capturing a 360 degree image. They got everyone to do something active then they took the photos. Here's us jumping (or at least trying to):

You can check out the full 360 degree version on my Instagram: lizzyill. It's amazing! 

I owe Katie a MASSIVE thank you for getting the tickets. Now we just need to work out how to blag our way into the real thing next year......


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