Dancing in the mud

Hello ladies and gents! I am so sorry for the lack of posts recently, I have let you down. 

I am hanging my head in shame.....whilst reminiscing about what has been the best month of the year so far, otherwise known as August. 

It started with 2 glorious weeks in Croatia with my favourite holiday buddy Sam, but then I came back to London for even more fun!  

First was V festival in Chelmsford Essex (I'm not sure if that counts as London but let's just go with it). 

I've never been a big festival goer, I love music, gigs and a night out but the thought of camping in a muddy field with thousands of other people filled me with dread. 

After wireless I was pumped to hit up my next festival, but the idea of camping for 3 nights with no shower facilities or proper loos isn't my idea of a great weekend. 

With that in mind we packed the car for some serious glamping....Essex style. Lots of cushions, blankets, a big tent and enough boxed wine for a gypsy wedding.
It is clearly a sign of age when you are 'forced' to pitch in the quiet section because the rest is 'full' then couldn't be happier you're not in the normal camping area where the hooligans are up past 1am. 

Luckily the line up was good enough to make up for any short comings in the accommodation. 

We eased ourselves into the festival atmosphere with an old school classic to start; The Pigeon Detectives. The rest of the day was a blur of dancing madly, Conor Maynard, sunbathing, Two Door Cinema Club, cheap alcohol, Jessie J, Labyrinth, dancing on shoulders, all ending with the goddess that is Beyonce. 

Now I, along with every other female in the world, am a huge Beyonce fan. When she declared herself an independent woman as did I. When she made that first strut into the Crazy in Love video I practiced for weeks! However even my admiration for B could not withstand this performance. Not only was she late but in the 30 mins we stayed for she only performed 4 songs because she was so busy with costume changes and videos. She didn't even play any of the classics just new music no one recognised. I'm sure her new stuff is great but after waiting to see her for so long I just wanted to sing along to some 90s classics and shake my hips because you should'a put a ring on it! 

This dark cloud over the ending to our first day did have a silver lining though. After bailing from B we headed to the Virgin house party which was AMAZING! 
This is a tent/bar that was designed to look like a house, there were different dj's performing over the weekend all playing some big beats; all kinds of house, electro and anything with a heavy bass. It was basically a rave in a gutted house. Ideal! 

Day two was even messier than the first, if that's possible, but the line up was even better. We treated out sore heads to some chilled Seasick Steve before moving onto the more lively rudamental, where some lovely Essex boys let us sit on their shoulders! 

Then we spent the rest of the day skanking our hearts out and downing cheap wine. 

Before we got ourselves into too much trouble.... 

God knows how we got up here....

By Monday morning after 3 nights of very little sleep we could not be bothered to pack up the tent, we ended up leaving the party animal there, so I thought I would pay one last tribute to our fabulous temporary home. 

It was such an amazing weekend, even though we were perhaps the only ones not awaiting a-level results. The week back at work after was a long one indeed. 


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