Five guys with martinis

After a chilled evening at the cinema we decided to crank it up a bit for Saturday night and hit a couple bars around covent garden. I recruited some London buddies I knew would show Fraser a good time and headed into town! 

We started off very socially and respectably at happy hour drinking Porn Star Martinis. 

These are my new favourite drink, but be warned they are very dangerous! After a few things tend to deteriorate quickly. The sweet passionfruit flavour and the prosecco shot taste great, but are VERY drinkable and go straight to your head. 

As the drinks got flowing we got merrier and started cracking out some hideous dance moves. 

Luckily we managed to get some half decent photos before things deteriorated.  

But it got very one wants to see those photos. 

Anyway.....on the way to the tube home we walked past Five it was so late and the weather wasn't so good.....on this VERY rare occasion there was no que!!!! 

I've wanted to go there for a little while, it's only been open a couple if weeks but the hype has been going on for months. The que is infamous, it's been known to stretch all around the building. Last time I walked by during the day it look like this: 

That guy in green had clearly been there awhile. 

So since it was so quiet we ran in to grab a burger before the last tube. 

Yum yum!!! 

We went for the classic cheese burger, had to grab it, run to the tube and have a underground picnic. 

Soooooo worth it! 

I am a big fan of Meat Liquor and think that they do some of the best burgers in London, however this is a close second. And it's so fast!!! It takes the same time as a BigMac......but is infinitely better. 

The meat is perfectly tender, really good quality. As is the salad. Personally I wasn't a huge fan of the chips but the burger more than made up for it. All those drinks before probably made us appreciate it  more too. When Obama declared Five Guys as his favourite burger restaurant he clearly knew what he was talking about. 

Move over Burger King, there is new fast food royalty in town. 


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