Popup screens

My lovely (not so little) brother came down to the big city over the weekend to visit me! As someone just visiting he wanted the true London experience and not any of the touristy stuff, even though I love that stuff I had a look at what was on and found the best of the summer events to take him to.

First stop: Pop-up screens! Friday night we headed to Shepherds Bush for a popup cinema in a park. Empire Records was the film of choice, which I see as an absolute classic whereas Fraser had never even seen it. Shocking I know! 

On the way we picked up a picnic of all sorts of goodies, then headed to the park. 

Once we laid out the blanket and food we settled in. The park looked like a middle class refugee camp, lots of Waitrose produce, proper picnic hampers and the regular sound of popping corks all in the middle of a field. Obviously we were in our element. 

We quickly realised the place was full of couples, in fairness it would be a great location for a date, but being there with my brother just wasn't the same.

So we hit the wine to distract ourselves before the film started.

Luckily before we knew it the sun set and the screen went up. 

The couple in front of us got a bit cosy....

But what a classic! 

Happy Rex Manning day everyone! 


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