Murray mania

Being a proud Scot I am a massive Murray fan! Ever since he sulked onto the court as a young player who had a strop every time he lost a point I have rooted for my fellow countryman. Now that I've moved out of the home land and into English territory I have become even more proud of my heritage, and so in turn an even bigger Murray fan. After taking gold at the Olympics last year we had our hopes set high with our fingers and toes crossed for the big win.

With all of this in mind we snuck out of work early to get down to the nearest outdoor big screen and mark our territory for the big match. 

We got there just in time as it filled up fast! Seems we weren't the only ones wanting to cheer him on. 

Whilst we were guarding our spot we bumped into some celebrities! 

Andy used the Harry Styles one in multiple failed attempts to pick up female supporters, unsurprisingly they weren't fooled. 

We got the pimms ready and prepared to yell at the screen. 

We screamed until our voices couldn't take it any more, the whole crowd was going mad with every point, getting more and more excited as he battled his way to match point.......and then.....he won!!!! He smashed it!!! 

Our support defiantly helped. 

Well done Andy!  The first Brit to win wimboldon in 77 years. But let's face it; everyone down here was waiting for an Englishman to win, and they're still waiting :p 


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