Chiswick house

It is officially summer in London! Over the weekend the sun came out and it finally started to feel like summer. With the temperature rising to degrees that could rival the med Steph and I wanted to make the most of it and get outside and out of the crowded city. We found our summer oasis in the form of Chiswick House and gardens.

The house is a beautiful building inspired by Italian villas which is set in gorgeous grounds. 

We went for a stroll around the gardens which turned out to be quite big then found a quite patch of grass and set up our supplies for the day to get down to some serious tanning. 

When we were feeling rather sunburnt we headed into the house for a nosy around. My Scottish skin isn't used to this heat! And Steph's sensitive English pigment needed hefty amounts of factor 50. 

The house is fabulously lavish and was just the cool place we needed to hide after too much sun. 

It put my little flat to shame. 

We now plan to join the Young Georgians as soon as possible to explore similar houses. Would be ideal for a party.

My sunburn raised a lot attention at work the following day, I just had to lay my Scottish heritage to blame! 


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