Polo in the park

Continuing with our attempt to do 'the season' my partner in crime and I squeezed into our most lady like dresses and not so sensible shoes and trotted to the mint polo at Hurlingham park. 

The fact that we didn't watch any polo or even see any polo players is not the point. Obviously. 

After strutting around Fulham and getting a little lost we made our way into the ground, with every intention of being the most proper of spectators. 

We immediately headed for the pimms bus to get in the spirit. 

And even did some divot stomping in between games. 

Before heading to the best and busiest tent.....mahiki! 

Drinking cocktails out of fruit is a turning point in the best of times, and after lots of pimms it was never going to end well. 

Afterwards we stumbled down the kings road to the packed white horse then on to Mare Moto, Sunday was not a good day for us. 


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