Meat liquor

London's current restaurant du joir is Meat Liquor just off Oxford street behind Selfridges. It's fairly self explanatory in that its main offerings are meat (famously in the form of burgers) and liquor, they make a strong cocktail (the best kind as far as I'm concerned).

Annoyingly you can't book so Andrew and I went along straight after work on a Tuesday thinking it wouldn't be overly packed. Oh how we were wrong! We got there for 6pm expecting to arrive just in time for the pensioner special, instead we found a half hour long que of hipsters and a couple tourists. 

When we were finally allowed through the double doors and into the restaurant we found a dark and rather sinister looking dining hall. 

The decor feels like it would be more at home in Hoxton rather than w1, and we did not fit in having come straight from work but we powered through and went straight for the bar. 

The decor was very interesting and kept us entertained whilst we waited for our table. 

When we sat down we decided the menu looked so good the only way to fully appreciate it would be to try as much as possible.....

Andy got stuck in with the chilli wings whilst I tried to get some decent photos in the red lighting. 

It didn't go so well. So dived into the burgers. 

So many chillies! We also got the chilli cheese fries. At this point the lighting (or lack-there-of) played in our favour as it got VERY messy. Maybe not somewhere for a first date. 
The burgers are soooooooo good, but getting the extra chillies may have been a mistake. Especially with the chilli cheese fries too. 

So much food! 

After slipping into a meat/chilli coma we made our exit back into the street trying to avoid breaking out into meat sweats whilst vowing to go back as soon as possible. But think we might be going for a plain cheese burger next time. 


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